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Sarah DeHaven, alumnus of the House of White Metaphysical Academy, is a naturally-gifted Psychic-Intuitive, trained Tarot Reader and Astrologer. Using esoteric occult knowledge and Natural Law as a compass, Sarah specializes in supporting initiates and adepts who are engaged in The Great Work: The Alchemical process of refining your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state, as well as your life circumstances. What was once lead becomes GOLD.


Sarah’s role in your alchemical transformation is supportive and informative in nature. Using her natural spiritual gifts and time-honed skills she will provide you confidant-style guidance, teaching and counsel. See what it’s like to be truly seen and heard as the sovereign being that you are; all while being supported with compassionate, open honesty. The goal is to support you in unlocking YOUR power through the development of gnosis of the True Self.


To get the best results from what Sarah offers you must be aware: No one can do the actual work for you. For that is something only you can do. The kind of information you receive by working with us, when applied with sincerity, humility, courage and diligent FOCUS will get you what you’re aiming for. The only exception to this is the attempted manifestation of goals that are directly in opposition to what your Core Essence is calling for.


It’s also important to know: Oftentimes when manifesting one’s heart’s desires, the end result may look different from the ideal that was conceived in the conscious mind. However, if you cultivate trust in the co-creative process (working with both the Divine and your True Core Essence) to actualize/manifest your desired outcome you can be guaranteed that the result will meet or exceed your conscious expectations. Deep satisfaction will result.


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